Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Extracting chart data into text format

You can save the raw data used to make any chart to a tab-delimited text file, suitable for viewing in spreadsheet and word processing programs. Use the "File-> Save" menu option that appears on all charts, or press Ctrl-S. You can take this raw data to reproduce and adjust the chart in other graphing applications. If you have saved a summary output file, be aware that this file already contains all its data in a tab-delimited text format; you can open this file directly if you wish.

For most charts opened from a detailed output file, you can save the chart data for either just the timestep you are currently viewing, or for the whole run at once. In most cases, saving for the whole run places the data for each timestep in a single file.

You can extract the same chart data from many detailed output files at once using the Batch Extract Detailed Output Files tool. This tool produces the same results as saving text data for all time steps on each chart.