Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics


SORTIE can produce a histogram for most tree and grid values in a detailed output file. It will offer to display any value it finds, which can sometimes lead to a crowded histogram display list.

Tree-based histograms display the number of trees per hectare for each species that fall into each of several value groupings for a piece of data. For instance, a height histogram that divided height into one meter increments would show how many trees of each species were from 0 - 1 meters in height, from 1 - 2 meters in height, etc.

Grid-based histograms display the number of grid cells that fall into the groupings. Grids that hold species specific data will also have a histogram option for displaying all species together.

The visualizer attempts to optimize the histogram for the data it is displaying. You can further customize the display of the histogram to suit your data. You have your choice of logarithmic or linear Y axis. You can also redivide the data by specifying the number of bins into which the data is divided, and the size of each bin.

The visualizer defaults to recalculating the bin size for each timestep in order to best display the data, so keep an eye on the bin size as you step through the timesteps. If you change the bin size or number of bins, the visualizer will preserve your changes.