Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Line graphs

You can produce several kinds of line graphs. Four kinds of line graphs: absolute density, relative density, absolute basal area, and relative basal area, can be produced from either summary output files or detailed output output files. If you know you want to look at these graphs, you should save a summary output file. The graphing performance will be significantly better. Another set of line graphs, absolute volume and relative volume, can be created via the detailed output file.

If you are saving a summary output file and have defined subplot areas, the line graphs will also be available for each subplot in addition to the whole plot. Subplots are not available in detailed output files.

In order to view basal area and density graphs from a summary output file, save data for each kind of graph you want to see in the Summary output setup window. To view these graphs from a detailed output output file, save the "DBH" tree data member for saplings, adults, or snags, or the "Diam 10" tree data member for seedlings. For more on how to save these tree data members, see the Setup tree save options window.

To view volume graphs, in the detailed output file, save the Tree Volume tree data member for your chosen tree types. To access this tree member, you must add the Tree volume calculator behavior to your run.

A line graph may also be created for the contents of a few grids.