Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Setting up SORTIE-ND for your site

The major research projects involving SORTIE all began with multi year field studies to gather data and analyze tree life cycle processes in the location being studied. This resulted in SORTIE simulations that reflect as accurately as possible local conditions in the real world.

This means that there is no "standard" setup, and no database of tree species, sites, and parameters to draw from. SORTIE was intended to study real locations, and that tends to mean starting by finding out how trees behave at a study site.

This does not mean that you must start with field studies. Neither does it mean that you have to study real places - SORTIE has also been used for purely theoretical work. What it means is that you will need to gather a lot of information before you start.

Look at the example provided on the SORTIE website, read some of the SORTIE related publications, and begin to build your parameter file. You'll quickly see what information you need.