Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Edit size classes window

This window is reached from the menu option "Edit-> Tree Population-> Edit initial density size classes" in the main SORTIE-ND window. It allows you to edit the size classes for the tree population. Size classes help you define tree initial conditions for your run. When you have size classes set up, you can specify an initial density of trees in each size class in the Model settings window. You can have as many size classes as you want. The upper DBH bound of a size class is its number. The lower bound of the size class is the size class below it, or zero if there is no lower class. This means you may need one extra class in order to define a lower bound for your smallest class if you want its lower bound to be greater than zero.

The list of currently defined size classes is in the list at the left of the window. To add a new size class, type in its upper DBH bound in the box and click "Add". To remove an existing class, select it in the list to the left and click "Remove". To define a size class for seedlings, add a size class with an upper limit of "0".