Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Edit species list window

This window is reached from the menu option "Edit-> Tree Population-> Edit species list" in the main SORTIE-ND window. It allows you to the species list of the tree population.

The box under the heading "Edit list of species" contains the list of current species. Changes you make are not final until you click "OK". If you edit the species list beyond just renaming species, you will lose any currently loaded tree map and grid map data.

Add To add a new species, type its name in the box labeled "New species", and click the button marked "Add".

Rename To change the name of a species, first select it in the species list. Then type the new name in the box marked "New species:", and click "Rename".

Copy... This lets you make one species a copy of another species. It opens a window where you can select a species and one or more species to make a copy of that species. If you want to make a new species that is a copy of an existing species, first create the new species using the "Add" button, then use the copy button to select the species it should be a copy of.

Any existing behavior settings and parameters for a species that becomes a copy of another species are removed, and replaced by settings and parameters identical to the species being copied. If the species that becomes a copy was the only species assigned to a behavior, that behavior is removed from the run.

Up and Down This lets you change the order of species in the list. Select one or more species and click the buttons to move them.

Remove To remove a species, select a species in the list and click the button marked "Remove".