Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

File menu

New parameter file. Use this option to be led through the first steps of creating a new parameter file from scratch. You start with the Edit species list window, then move to the Edit simulation flow window. Once you have completed these steps, you can save your new file and then enter parameters for it. For more on creating a new parameter file, see Creating a parameter file.

New batch file. Use this option to create a new batch file. You can read more about batch runs here. This option opens the batch file setup window.

Open file. Use this option to open parameter, batch, and data files in SORTIE-ND. You can open parameter files this way, and then use this option again to add data from detailed output files to the run.

Save parameter file. Use this option to save a parameter file. You have to specify the filename each time. The filename of the file currently loaded is visible in the bottom left corner of the main SORTIE window. You can save a parameter file, even if it is not complete or valid. If this is the case, you will get a warning message that tells you of the file's problem and asks you if you want to continue with the save. Clicking yes will save the file.

Save parameter file as text. Use this option to save the run values as a tab-delimited text file. You can't use this file as a parameter file but it provides a way to review and archive your settings.

Set working directory. Choosing this option allows you to give SORTIE a directory you wish to work in. Then all windows for working with files will automatically open to this directory.

Open run output. Use this option to use the data visualization functions to graphically view the output of a run. You can open either short output files or detailed output files this way.

Exit. Quit SORTIE.