Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Grid Value Edit Window

This window allows you to directly work with the data in the grid maps for a single grid. You can look at the values for maps loaded from a parameter or detailed output file, make changes to existing maps, or enter new values to use as initial conditions. You reach this window from the Grid Setup window.

When you open this window, you will notice that it is composed of one or more tables. There is one table for each grid data member (see the individual grid documentation for what each grid data member represents). If a table is completely blank, that means that there is currently no map loaded for this grid, or at least for that data member. If there is a map loaded, you will see values in the tables. (For more on entering the maps from a detailed output file, see the Using output as input to a new run topic.)

Editing map values

To edit a value, double-click its cell. You can copy and paste back and forth from Excel, and within the window itself. You can use the menu commands on the parameter window "Edit-> Copy" and "Edit-> Paste", or the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-C for copy and Ctrl-V for paste.

Saving grid map as text

The window can be saved as tab-delimited text for your own review in a spreadsheet or text editor program. Choose "File-> Save window as file". Each value for each data member in the map is saved separately, and there will be a heading for it, even if there were no values in the map. For an explanation of the values that were saved, consult the documentation for individual grids.

Saving the window view to a file is not the same as saving the values in SORTIE. You still need to click "OK" to save any changes you've made. The tab-delimited text file is just for your review. It cannot be used as input to SORTIE directly, although you could copy and paste values from it.