Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Model menu

Run. Runs the model with the currently loaded parameter file. A file must be complete and all data in it valid if the run is to succeed, so the file will be validated before the run occurs. You will get an error message if there is something wrong with the parameter file. If there are unsaved changes to the current file, a temporary file is written so that the model runs with those changes included. Keep an eye on the status bar at the bottom of the SORTIE screen. It will display the status messages from the running model.

Run Batch... Allows you to select a batch file and then run the batch. You can read more about batch runs here. You create batch setup files using the batch file setup window. You can run batch files without having a parameter file loaded.

Pause. If there is a run in progress, you can pause it with this option. You can resume the run by choosing "Run" again. This does not apply to batch runs. They cannot be paused, only stopped.

Stop run. If there is a run in progress, this will stop it.