Software for spatially-explicit simulation of forest dynamics

Disturbance behaviors

Disturbance behaviors simulate different kinds of forest disruption. These behaviors cause tree damage and death due to a variety of processes.

Density Dependent InfestationSimulates a pathogen outbreak in the plot.
Competition HarvestPerforms harvests in a way that preferentially removes the most competitive individuals in a plot.
Generalized Harvest RegimeThe behavior itself decides when harvests will occur and how much to cut based on total plot adult biomass, then chooses trees to cut with the help of a preference algorithm.
HarvestImplements complex silvicultural treatments.
Harvest interfaceAllows SORTIE to work directly with an external harvesting program.
Insect InfestationSimulates an insect outbreak by choosing and marking infested trees.
Episodic mortalityAllows you to replicate tree-killing events with the same level of control you have when defining Harvest events.
Random browseSimulates random browsing from herbivores.
Storm disturbanceSimulates the effects of wind damage from storms.
Storm damage applierDecides which trees are damaged when a storm has occurred and how badly.
Storm damage killerKills trees damaged in storms.
Storm direct killerKills trees based on storm severity, without an intervening damage step.
Selection harvestAllows you to specify target basal areas for a tree population as a method of harvest input, instead of designing specific harvest events.
WindstormKills trees due to storm events.